Discover the Most Popular Chain Styles

Chains are the chain styles of any necklace, and finding a style that best suits you is essential. Whether you’re shopping for an everyday chain or a pendant-friendly chain, this guide will help you discover the most popular chain styles and what to expect from each one.

Curb chains are flat gold necklaces that feature a series of circular or oval links for a classic look. These versatile chain types can be made with smaller, dainty links for a delicate finish or larger and thicker ones for a more substantial feel.

Dive into the Details: Understanding Different Chain Styles

A figaro chain combines two or three short circles followed by one long oval link to create a textured design that is both striking and timeless. A twisted version of this popular chain is also available for a more intricate and ornate touch.

Named after the famous bare-knuckle boxing champion, the belcher chain is another style that can be worn with any look. This chain style features interlocking oval links with a distinctive alternating pattern, and it’s also available in a flat variety that looks powerful when paired with a pendant.

Panther chains have a brick-like appearance with rectangular shaped links offset and stacked in groups of three or more. This chain style can be worn in different lengths to create a choker, lariat or collar.

A wheat chain is ideal for wearing with pendants and features a woven pattern with small or medium-sized links. This chain type can be worn in a rope, choker or lariat length and looks amazing when layered with other necklaces.