Trump Tank Flag 3×5 Foot

Product Description

Trump Tank Flag 3×5 Foot. This beautiful flag shows President Trump riding a military tank with American Symbolism in the background. Light weight fabric will fly even in gentle wind, a great addition to your collection.

The trump tank flag is made of high quality polyester. It is printed with dye sublimation process and will not fade in the sun. The flag has a strong header with two metal grommets on the 3′ side for attaching to a pole. The trump tank flag is a great gift for all Trump supporters.

We have a wide selection of trump tank flags from 5×8 feet to 12×18 feet. We also have a variety of custom printed flags.

Trump Tank Flag: Symbolism and Controversy Surrounding Political Support

Several institutions with traditionally conservative bases have moved to remove the Confederate flag in recent years, including NASCAR and its racetracks, the Marine Corps and the Navy, and Mississippi, which banned the display of the flag on state property last year. But while some of those moves have been criticized by Trump allies as an effort to erase American history, Trump has continued to defend the Confederate flag as a matter of freedom of speech.

Maxwell said the SEAL unit could face discipline if it were found to have violated Department of Defense and Navy regulations, which proscribe certain flags and pennants from being flown on Navy properties. He cited two specific violations of those rules: The first involves the flag’s use as support for a particular team, which violates the Hatch Act, which bars employees in the executive branch of government from engaging in political activities outside the office.