Penthouse For Sale Malta – What You Need to Know

The word penthouse for sale malta conjures up images of international jetsetters, film stars and roof parties, but there’s more to the term than that. Occupying the top floor of a block of flats guarantees extra outdoor space, extra privacy and some of the most spectacular views in Malta and Gozo.

Do penthouses have doors?

Whether you’re looking for a single-bedroomed apartment ideal as a bachelor pad or a family home with multiple bedrooms, the best place to start your search for the perfect penthouse for sale is on JamesEdition. You’ll find a range of luxurious penthouses to choose from, with listings updated regularly.

Penthouses are usually set back from the walls of the building, allowing for more spacious and private outdoor areas, with terraces and rooftop gardens a common feature. These can be designed to offer additional privacy, to provide space for entertainment or simply to add to the attractiveness of the property.

Being on the top floor also means no noisy upstairs neighbours and a home far above the hustle and bustle of urban streets and city life. With an apartment’s location being a major consideration for many prospective buyers, penthouses can be a good alternative for those who prefer the feel of a house to that of an apartment block.

However, living in a penthouse is not without its challenges. Heat rises, so you’ll have to invest in steps to insulate your apartment for the summer months, while wind can also become a factor on high-rise buildings.