About Temporary Agency Marseille

About temporary agency marseille

Temporary agencies, agence d’interim Marseille also known as travail interimaire (temporary work), are businesses that offer employees to client companies on a temporary basis to supplement their teams for occasional assignments. Each assignment is governed by an agreement between the user company and the temporary agency. This agreement must include the period of time during which the employee will be on an assignment, and the periods during which he or she will not be working. It must also set out the nature of the assignment, including its place of work and the tasks to be performed.

Temporary Construction Agencies: Finding Skilled Labor for Your Projects

In addition, a contract must be in place between the temporary agency and the employee covering the terms of his or her employment, and the conditions of payment of his or her salary. It must also specify whether the temporary worker will be entitled to expense reimbursement (travel, meals, accommodation).

Managing mission expenses is more than an administrative issue for temporary employment agencies: it has a direct impact on the satisfaction of the temporary workers and on profitability. Efficient processing of expense claims allows the temporary employment agency to minimise costs and optimise its margins.

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