How to Delete Facebook Reviews

Whether it’s a bad review from a non-genuine customer or a false review that hurts your reputation, negative feedback can be a huge blow to your business. While preventing negative reviews should be your main focus, if you find yourself in the position where some must be removed, it’s important to know how to delete facebook reviews.Source:

Can my reviews be deleted?

The good news is that Facebook has a community standards and content moderation process in place to protect users from certain types of content. This means that any review that violates these guidelines should be automatically deleted by Facebook and will not appear on your business page. This includes content that is deemed to be spam, hate speech or otherwise inappropriate. However, it can sometimes be difficult to determine which reviews are fake or not.

For this reason, it’s important to have a system in place that can help you quickly identify and flag the reviews that need to be removed. Nextiva’s Birdeye product offers a fast and easy way to do this, providing real-time alerts that are based on specific tags and alerts you set up. This helps you ensure that you’re identifying the right reviews and getting them removed faster than ever before.

Once you’ve identified the reviews that need to be removed, you can then go into your Facebook Business Manager and report them. This will notify Facebook’s team that you believe the review is against community standards and should be removed from your business. The team will then review your complaint and if they find the review in violation of their guidelines, it will be removed from your Business Page immediately.