Byron Products is a Heat Treatment Services Company

Byron Products is a leading supplier of fully integrated metallurgical products and specializes in heat treatment services. They can provide a wide range of heat treating solutions, such as tempering, annealing, stress relieving and vacuum carburizing for various metals. These procedures help to improve a metal’s chemical and physical properties. They are also often used to make parts more resistant to corrosion and wear. Byron’s extensive metallurgical expertise helps to ensure the best results for their clients.

What is heat treatment food products?

Most heat treatment services company operate a facility with large heating furnaces, quenching baths and annealing/tempering ovens. They are often in-house divisions of metal component companies or metal suppliers, as they can utilize the same high temperatures that they forge/cast a part to heat treat it post-manufacture. However, standalone heat-treating companies exist as well.

As mentioned above, the heat-treating process is essentially the manipulation of a metal’s microstructure by modifying the size and arrangement of its small grains (or crystallites). Heat treatments are often performed to enhance a metal’s resistance to corrosion or wear as well as its ductility or strength.

After the initial heating, it is important that a heat treating company is capable of effectively cooling down the material as quickly as possible. This cooling may be accomplished through various means, from gas or liquid engulfing the material in a process called quenching to simply allowing it to cool at room temperature. In many cases, the speed at which a material is cooled has an immense impact on its final results.