What’s New in Online Multiplayer Strategy Games?

One of the most established genres on เข้าถึง UFA168 บนมือถือ strategy has kept us buried in armies and build orders since the dawn of desktop gaming. But the genre is a diverse beast and is continually evolving, catering to everyone from hardcore grognards to those who just want Gandhi to nuke Montezuma.

The most popular strategy games right now take the form of browser-based real-time strategies (RTS). Instead of a turn-based campaign map and manually marshalling troops from a central base, these titles feature cities all over the world and a conflict between civs that unfolds in real-time as you watch their economies and military grow. The most notable example is Total War: Arena, a fast-paced game that sees armies clash over the most remote battlefields in history.

What’s New in Online Multiplayer Strategy Games

Other examples include the sci-fi thriller DEFCON, which offers a nightmarish look at Cold War-style nuclear warfare. Its sinister blue world map is a stunning canvas, but the game is at its most compelling when the missiles fly and cities burn. Its organisation phase is fascinating, with players managing stockpiles and positioning nuclear submarines and missile sites to avoid annihilation. But once the bombs drop victory is a matter of technicalities and casualties.

More traditional RTSes are also in good shape, with Crusader Kings 3 usurping its predecessor with an expansive, polished grand strategy game. Its huge medieval setting, new districts that unstack cities in the same way that armies are unstacked in its precursor and meaningful improvements across every aspect of gameplay make it a major contender for best strategy game of 2020.