Neptune In 6th House

Neptune In 6th House

When Neptune In Seventh House is placed in the 6th House, it encourages you to do work that nourishes your spirit and makes you feel spiritually enriched. You are drawn to careers that involve helping others. However, the Neptune placement in this house also suggests that you may have a tendency to be swayed by flattery or deception. As such, your integrity and trustworthiness will remain a vital part of your career success.

People with Neptune In 6th House are often prone to being taken advantage of in the workplace, so it’s important to learn how to establish a sense of trust with co-workers. These individuals are naturally caring and compassionate and tend to be sensitive to the needs of others. However, Neptune in the 6th House can be a bit of a dreamer and you may have trouble applying practical ideas to everyday tasks.

Neptune in the Seventh House: Navigating Relationships and Reflections

As the planetary ruler of the house of service, Neptune in this position may indicate an interest in helping professions and health care. These individuals possess a sensitivity and intuitiveness that could be valuable in careers that help others.

Neptune in the 6th House can encourage you to explore the “caves” of your subconscious mind and become preoccupied with psychic experiences. You may also find yourself following strict and unorthodox dietary regimens for religious or moralistic reasons. In addition, this astrological placement can lead you to believe in alternative medicine and healing methods such as acupuncture and homeopathy.