How to Apply Gel Polish Wraps


When it comes to achieving a chip-resistant manicure that lasts up to two weeks, gel polish wraps offer an affordable and convenient alternative. Unlike traditional nail polish, which requires a UV lamp to dry and can be tricky to remove at home, gel nail wraps are self-adhesive, can be applied in minutes and come off with common household items, such as acetone nail polish remover and a cotton ball or pad soaked in the product.

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As for the application process, the wand-free wraps are similar to press-on nails and SNS dip powder, with the exception that they’re pre-painted, designed and cured. “Simply place the nail wrap as close to your natural nails as possible without touching the cuticles,” explains session manicurist Ami Streets, before using the included wooden nail pusher to smooth out any air bubbles.

Nail wraps are also typically waterproof and can withstand daily showering, which is great news for busy women who don’t have the time to visit the salon for a full manicure and need a product that will stand up to water, sunscreen and other daily wear and tear. But, it’s important to keep in mind that the wraps may not be as flexible after a few hours of wear.

As a result, it’s recommended that you wait until the wraps are fully cured to shower, as prolonged exposure to hot water can cause them to become more likely to lift from the natural nails. The good news is that most brands are made from eco-friendly materials and free of harmful chemicals, so you’ll be doing your nails a favor by waiting for them to set and cure.